The past few weeks have been challenging for people around the world. With so many new adjustments in our daily lives, it’s been difficult to focus on what we can do during this time.  

I’m thankful that our team at Service Express, with very little notice, was able to quickly pivot and start working from home. This change has been a learning experience and one that we believe will see us emerge stronger as both individuals and as an organization. Even as our daily methods of communication have changed, our goals remain intact.  

Focus on Customers 

Given the work-from-home state, we, like thousands of others, are conducting meetings, proposals and welcoming new customers through Zoom. Thankfully, we are still able to connect and support our customers and the transitions has been relatively seamless.  

Internal Communication & Meetings 

Our teams continue with their daily and weekly meetings via Zoom. These meetings allow us to stay connected, but everyone is missing the valued and energy of impromptu interactions and conversations.  


Several weeks ago, we made a switch to online onboarding to welcome our largest new hire group ever. Laptops were shipped out and onboarding classes were all conducted online. One of my favorite parts of onboarding is popping in to greet new team members and I wasn’t about to stop now so I just popped in via zoom! 

Training & Development 

We have technical training sites at our corporate office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as six other regional locations throughout the US. With the impact of COVID-19, we accelerated our plans to incorporate more online training methods and have new flexibility with remote learning. The extra time dedicated to mastering online training will help us come back stronger than every when we get back into our offices.  

Personal Improvement 

Everyone who knows me, knows I like to do CrossFit. It’s been an interesting change for me not being able to work out in the gym. Thankfully my gym and other are posting workout challenges, tips and encouragement online. I’ve been setting time aside to work on my fitness goals and challenge myself using different techniques. The key is to remain consistent during this time!  

Despite the circumstances, we need to focus on what we can do during this time. What are you doing to keep yourself busy while at home?  

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