Face Challenges With Hope 

by | Jun 13, 2024 | Leadership

“How we see trouble is how we will face trouble.” This quote from a recent motivational video on YouTube caught my attention. It says if we see trouble with fear, we’ll face it with fear. If we see it with doubt, we’ll face it with doubt. But if we see it with hope, we’ll face it with hope. Don’t see trouble as the end but as the beginning and face it with great expectations. This message was too good not to share. 

Why so often do we talk about trouble, hard times, grit, perseverance and dealing with challenges? It’s probably because the good times are easy to handle. Everyone loves the good times, and we deal with them well. 

What sets us apart, as we build our organizations, lead our teams, and go through life, is how we deal with trouble. Trouble is going to come, so it’s not pessimistic to say it’s always around the corner. Trouble comes in many different ways, shapes and forms. How we face it is how we’ll deal with it. 

This quote is a great reminder to face trouble with hope. Don’t see it as the end; see it as the beginning. In my work and personal life, the greater the challenges I face, the greater the victories that follow. I hope it’s the same for you. 

I would love to hear your perspective on how you face trouble, how you’ve overcome challenges, and what victories it has led to. 

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