Do You Have a Job or an Opportunity?

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Business, Leadership, Professional Development, Video

I visit our onboarding classes every other week here at Service Express as we bring new people onto our team. 

I remember my first day at Service Express, August 18th, 1997. It was the day my career changed and I was on the path to accomplish my personal, professional and financial goals.

Those early days were great, and I look back on them fondly as we were growing Service Express. It hasn’t been just a job; it’s been an opportunity.

To me, it feels like if you have a job, you get paid, but there is no real engagement to it. You just keep working away until you get offered a new position or run your course at that job. And then do the same thing at the next. People can repeat this course over and over every few years.

I want people here at Service Express to embrace the opportunity to do something beyond a job. It’s really bigger than that. We’ll help our people accomplish the goals they have set in their life. And even though there is no guarantee that things will go perfectly, it’s about making the most of the experience and learning from mistakes.

I challenge you to ask yourself, “Do I have a job right now or an opportunity?” If you feel like you don’t have an opportunity – you can either change your outlook and find that opportunity or it’s time to make a change. And make that change intentionally to something you think you can really lean into.

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