Coach, Don’t Tell; How to Empower People & Save Yourself from Burnout

This is an excerpt from the Return on Values Project: a three-year, $1 million dollar research project from Benedictine University that asks the question, What is the relationship between culture and profit in small and mid-size businesses.  You can find out more about the project here.

Dwight Strayer, Chief Operating Officer at Service Express, was on the fast-track to burnout until he made an important realization: by giving his team members the answers to their questions, he was preventing them from developing their technical and leadership skills. Hear Dwight’s story in the video below, part of the Return on Values research project.


You can also view the complete Return on Values article “How to Empower Your People & Save Yourself from Burnout: Coach, Don’t Tell” here.

They include a question guide that you can review with your senior leadership team.

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