Delegation Leads to Engagement

by | Apr 18, 2024 | Leadership

When we talk about delegation as leaders, we often discuss what we want to give up and what tasks we want others to handle, freeing us to focus on different priorities.   

Recently, during a conversation with one of our board members, Jill Bright, a brilliant people strategist, she offered a fresh perspective. Instead of solely focusing on what leaders want to delegate, she suggested asking employees, “What tasks do you see me doing that you’d like to take off my plate?”  

This is an excellent approach because it engages the employee and enables us to understand their passions, interests and where they believe they can add value. It shifts the focus from our own preferences to theirs, fostering engagement.  

This delegation method is effective and a way for team members to show their capabilities. I encourage you to pose this question to your team members, you may be surprised by their perspectives. I think it’s a healthy approach, and it’ll help free up your time.   

During my last huddle with my executive team, I discussed implementing this approach within their respective teams. I encourage you to approach your teams with this question: “What is it that you see me doing that you’d like to take off my plate?” I’d love to hear the answers you receive. 

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