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by | Mar 28, 2024 | Leadership

We’re at the end of the first quarter; it’s time to reassess what we worked on in the first quarter and prepare for the second. Where did we succeed? What did we learn? How did we fail forward? Ask yourself these questions and figure out what to focus on in the next quarter.    

At Service Express, we use a tool we call the 5/15, which helps us prioritize our main objectives for the upcoming 90 days. Every employee in the company does this and shares it with their leader. They review it together before beginning the quarter, ensuring we’re aligned on our focus, strategies and priorities. There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of time on things that aren’t impactful.  

In a recent blog, Where Are Your Pressure Points?, I talked about key areas that really move the needle. I saw a tweet by Tim Ferris about how conquering a list of unimportant to-dos is still a loss. You can accomplish a lot, but it’s a waste of time if those things don’t move the needle and aren’t aligned with your and your organization’s strategies and priorities.  

So, let’s do less work but make sure it’s more important and focused work that moves the needle. That’s what I plan to do. I want to hear about your strategies. 

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