Where Are Your Pressure Points?

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Leadership

What is the key pressure point in your organization or life?   

Do you know what a pressure point is? I took a self-defense class years ago, and they taught me about pressure points. They’re areas on the body where if you apply pressure to it, it could literally bring you to your knees. Your pressure point can control everything.   

Think about your organization and life and determine where your pressure points are in those areas. What are the key things? A lot is going on in our personal and business lives. We can spend a lot of time working, doing a lot of things, yet it’s ineffective. Do you ever feel like you’re working so hard but not accomplishing things? That’s not a fun or valuable place to be.   

Spend some time thinking about where your pressure points are in your personal and professional life. Determine where you could invest your time, energy, focus and money that will drive things forward. Some people call these areas “big rocks.” In your personal life, it may be a workout routine, diet or sleep.  

For organizations, these “big rocks” could be broken down by departments. Instead of focusing on everything, doing a lot of things and not being effective, it really drills down in one area. In a previous blog, Narrow the Focus, Increase the Quality, I shared how narrowing the focus will lead to results. Doing so will also help you find the pressure points.   

After finding the key points, you’ll need to say no to a lot of things that don’t move the needle. It doesn’t mean they’re not decent, helpful things; they just don’t lead to results. You’re making less advancements if you’re spending time and energy on anything that doesn’t move the needle.   

As we end the fourth quarter at Service Express, I’m thinking about these pressure points within the organization and my personal life. I’m focusing on those areas to see how far I can move things forward.   

I’d love to hear your perspective! Think about it and let me know where your pressure points are in your personal life and organization. Let’s focus on those areas, end the year strong, and get off to a flying start in 2024.   

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