Progress Over Perfection

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Leadership, Professional Development, Video

Our company theme in 2019 was Progress Over Perfection. We’ll continue to carry on the principals behind last year’s theme throughout 2020. I believe every company theme we have builds upon the other year after year.  

As some of you may think, the saying “Progress Over Perfection” is self-explanatory. But at Service Express, it’s what we live by. We’re not always trying to be perfect, but we are trying to improve. It’s not uncommon to launch a project and make small adjustments along the way after hearing feedback.  

We’re currently working on a new reporting system that we’re excited about, but it’s going to take another month to launch. Everyone who knows how I operate is aware that I like action. Instead of waiting another month until it’s ready, we’re going to launch it to a smaller team internally and make edits accordingly. In my eyes, this is the true meaning of progress over perfection. The key in this system is to make sure that everyone is aware it doesn’t have to be the final product and that things can be tweaked along the way.  

I never want my team to be stressed or anxious trying to make things perfect – perfection comes with time and patience.  

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