Lead, Don’t Manage Through a Crisis

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Leadership, Professional Development, Video

In any organization, it’s impossible to over-communicate. Especially in the pandemic that we’re experiencing right now, your people need to know the plans moving forward.

Over the past month, I’ve been creating a weekly video update that is sent to the whole company and posted on our intranet. I do this because I believe our team deserves to receive a personal statement from me. In these videos, I try to be transparent and share what we’re working on as a company and how we’re going to pivot moving forward.

When communicating about COVID, I highly recommend laying it all out for your people. Tell them the problems you’re facing, what you’re working on and what you need help with. If you have the right team, you will have people jumping in to help.

Throughout this pandemic, I’ve been trying not to make bold statements that I can’t back away from. I’ve been trying hard to cast a vision of what the future looks like for all of us. Instead of predicting, I’ve been scenario planning.

We have an amazing team here at Service Express and I’m beyond proud of what they’ve accomplished during this time.  

If you’re just throwing work at your people without communicating and casting a vision, you’re not leading effectively. We need leaders and communicators to get us through this time and that’s what we’re trying to do here at Service Express!

I hope this inspires you to communicate more with your team. Don’t just manage through this process, go out there and lead.

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