Integrity & Trust is Binary

Do you value high performance or high trust in your organization?

When searching for new candidates to join your team, you are tasked with the responsibility to find people who fit the role and company culture. Odds are, you’re seeking people with high performance, high trust and high integrity to join your organization. But how do you measure it?

Here at Service Express, we rate our employees’ integrity and trust in our annual reviews on a scale of 1-10.  My approach to this is different than most – I rate my team on a binary scale of 0-10. This means, if you’re on my team and I don’t rate you as a 10, you’re most likely a 0. In my eyes, trust is binary – it’s all or nothing. If I find someone on my team who I would rate less than 10, I take it upon myself to dive into the issue to see what has to be improved.

I believe that nothing negatively affects company culture more than a lack of trust – especially when you have a high performer or an individual in leadership that lacks these qualities.

When you entertain this type of behavior, your people will begin to think that you allow it in your company. This shows when someone has high performance but lacks vital qualities, they’re held to different standards (which shouldn’t be the case).

You need to show your people what you value most. You can do that through who you hire, promote and move on from. It’s a great feeling knowing that you can trust your people and grow together as an organization.

The next time you’re hiring or promoting a member on your team, think about their integrity and trust – it may help you in the long run!