Vision: The SEI Way

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Culture, SEI

At Service Express, Inc. (SEI), our company vision is the backbone of the work we do and the success we’ve achieved. It’s our purpose. And it’s simple:

As a company, we believe in surrounding ourselves with the right people and then inviting them to share their personal, professional and financial goals. After discussing goals with their manager during “Vision Talks,” employees put them on paper. This allows us to take a look at them and get to work helping them achieve their goals.

We believe our annual double-digit growth is a result of this philosophy. We love to find opportunities for employees that help them along the path to success. And, we’ve found that matching our strategic initiatives with what top-performing employees want to do creates a powerful business dynamic for us. The result is continued employee development, increased company performance and an award-winning organizational culture.

To paint a picture of how we approach goal setting, take a look at how we approach each category:


We want our employees to have a full life – even outside of work! That’s why we’re intentional about identifying personal goals. Whether that means being flexible with their schedule so they can meet family needs, getting enough days off to take that dream vacation or taking a few afternoons to finish paperwork to purchase a new home, we want our team members to accomplish their goals because they work at SEI, not in spite of it.


We know that growth doesn’t come by doing things the same way for years on end. That’s why we encourage our employees to continuously develop their skills by setting specific professional development goals. Whether that means growing within their current position or advancement to another position when the time is right, we’re all about helping our employees succeed.


Sounds scary, but we like to talk money with our employees. We begin by asking them to set a goal for how much they’d like to make – and we encourage them to aim high.  Our hope is to turn what could be an intimidating talk into an ongoing conversation.  By discussing what each employee hopes to accomplish financially, we can explore what that scenario would look like for them and figure out how to help them get there. This includes talking specifics about the value they’d need to bring to the company to achieve their goals.

In the end, helping our employees meet their goals is the driving force behind what we do. We believe the outcome of each person achieving their individual goals will far exceed what we could reach pursuing only company goals – and we’re convinced that’s the secret behind the continued growth and success of our employees AND our company.

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