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by | Oct 15, 2020 | Culture, Video

Every so often, Service Express hits a point where we need to look at our processes to identify if we’re bogged down in certain areas. Some operations can, over time as you grow, become cumbersome when they don’t need to be. If there are multiple layers of approval, it can slow down a project or delay an outcome. In times of growth, systems need to work seamlessly, not create friction.  
Departments grow at varying rates at Service Express. How we do certain things right now may not be the best process for us anymore. Typically, we start by looking at manual tasks to understand what needs to be done to make it automated. Now that most of our workforce is remote, it’s challenging because we can’t walk to someone’s workstation and ask them questions. We need to remove the barriers that keep us from making decisions. 
If you’re in the same boat, I recommend trying to solve the problem yourself instead of waiting for IT. When IT is ready to implement your project, you understand your critical needs and the wanted outcome. If layers of project approval are hindering your team, try letting your team make those decisions instead. Give them the resources they need to be successful and make educated decisions independently.  

One of the projects I do toward the end of every year is looking at my calendar and determining what reoccurring meetings I can reduce to become more efficient and effective. Instead of sticking with our routine, I decided to change my direct report meetings to biweekly instead. Doing so, I freed up over three weeks in my schedule, helping me set more time aside to strategize and work on the business goals.  

Try focusing on removing the friction on your team to give them the gift of time and see what can be accomplished! 

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