Ramp Up Your Humanity

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Business, Video

Culture or Performance? Both!! Don’t dumb down your performance expectations. Ramp up your humanity! This is a great philosophy that I’d never heard put this way. When you create a healthy work environment, employees will perform better, and the company will grow. A great culture DRIVES great performance.

Coming out of a pandemic with most of us working from home, we must reconnect as we go back into the office. Instead of dumbing down performance expectations, businesses should ramp up humanity. Leaders should always focus on their people, but especially right now when we’re all separated.

It’s easy to become tactical and get consumed with work, zoom calls and emails. When there’s so much going on, it’s common to find yourself talking about business most of the time. Recently I reflected on this with one of our leaders and realized that the majority of our conversations were solely focused on business. Despite everyone doing their best to reach out to one another, we weren’t focused enough on the human aspect of our business. We had to take a couple of steps back and focus on our people rather than performance.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t care about performance. We are a performance-oriented culture; we are constantly striving to achieve. Just don’t go down the path of business, business, business. Leaders need to connect with their team purposefully and intentionally. Instead of just trying to drive numbers, check in on people and see how they’re doing. Help them in any way by removing obstacles, providing resources teaching, coaching and guiding. When you get back to your computer after doing so, performance will show.

No one intentionally avoids humanity; it’s just forgotten about at times. That’s why I wanted to share this with you, to remind you to reflect. Create a great work environment by focusing on your people and ramping up your humanity.

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