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by | Sep 24, 2020 | Professional Development, Video

It’s common for people to ask how I speak in front of hundreds of people at Service Express without showing any outward signs of fear or anxiety. Today, I wanted to share my thoughts toward public speaking, along with several pieces of advice that continue to guide me along the way.  

“Do you get nervous?” 
Yes, of course! I once shared with someone that I was nervous before speaking, and they looked at me with shock. It’s common for me to get nervous before speaking in front of a large crowd, but I don’t get “scared.” I like to categorize my nervousness as adrenaline or pre-game jitters. Around 20-30 minutes beforehand, I tend to channel my nervousness into energy and passion.  

“Do you have any advice for someone new to public speaking?”  

The most valuable piece of advice related to public speaking is to be authentic. When I speak, I’m energetic and loud. To improve my skills, I enrolled in a public speaking course, and I had to give a speech in front of an audience. I was told I talk and move around too fast during presentations. I tried to speak slower and be more controlled in my movements, but that’s not who I am. People want to listen to the authentic you, not you pretending to be someone else.  

My second piece of advice is to always know your material. I typically talk about the Service Express story. Since I know the story well, it’s easier for me to speak in front of a crowd. Your audience will know if you don’t understand the material, and it will sacrifice your message. If you’re anxious or nervous presenting in front of others, take time to step back and breathe. Channel your butterflies into energy and enthusiasm. It won’t be easy at first, but you will learn to become a better speaker over time.  

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