Professional Development Strategies

For the past 20 years, I’ve been reading an average of 12 books a year. I accomplish this by reading around 10-15 minutes per day. When you’re consistent and read 5 days a week for around 10-15 minutes, you can complete one large book a month! Throughout my career at Service Express, I’ve been working hard to achieve this annual average.  

Reading has helped me learn more about leadership, business and finance. Although It’s not always about business and leadership – sometimes I mix in personal development. I’ve found that the better I am here at work, the better I am at home and vise versa. That’s why I enjoy focusing on improving myself too.  

After 20 years, I will not hit my average of 12 books this year. You may ask, “Has he stopped growing? Learning? Or does he just plain know it all?” The answer is NO!. I’ve been diversifying and choosing other mediums to get my information.   

One of my favorite podcasts (and places to get new knowledge) is NPR’s, How I Built This. This podcast highlights stories from some of the most popular companies around the world. I always love hearing how organizations were built and the struggles they’ve gone through to get where they are today. Another podcast that I enjoy is The Joe Rogan Experience. When listening to Joe Rogan, sometimes I want to hear a specific guest on the podcast, so I will go to YouTube and listen to a small chunk. This makes it easy to digest the information when I’m at my desk or driving.   

In addition to podcasts, we’ve also adopted LinkedIn Learning at Service Express. I’ve poked around a bit on the platform and I’m excited to give our people the chance to learn more about what they’re interested in. I also have a subscription to MasterClass. They have handfuls of classes from professional to personal, financial, economic, comedy and so much more.  

I haven’t stopped learning and growing! I’m just taking the time to explore new ways to gain knowledge. I’m still reading and taking notes, but I’m always open to new ways of gaining information. This is the perfect time to go out there and explore! Feel free to share any tips that you may have!