Measure Your Goals

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Leadership

Let’s keep talking about goals; December is a good time to do that!   

Reflect back on 2022 and think about what you’ve accomplished, where you’ve fallen short and why. Then think about what you want to accomplish in 2023.   

In my last blog, “What Should I Attempt,” I shared the importance of making stretch goals rather than goals we know we’ll succeed. How do we know what success looks like? We can measure it. All goals need to be measurable. I’m a big believer that what gets measured will get done. That’s how I determine success.   

At Service Express, we put together all our company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We measure many things, whether companywide or by department, region, office, individuals, etc. I’m a huge believer in measuring. However, measurement without goals is not nearly as effective. Think about what you’re aiming for and make measurable goals towards achieving it.   

Our Global Services Manager, Wade Lovings, said it best, “measuring metrics without goals is like using a GPS without a destination.” You get the GPS out and head off, but how do you know you’ve arrived at your destination? You must put in the destination or address; then you’ll know when you get there. If you’re like me, it’s like a race against time. The GPS will tell me what time I’m supposed to get there, and then I see how much I can beat it by.   

The same is true with goals. How do we know when we’ve succeeded? How do we know if the goal was too easy? If it’s still far out, like a stretch goal, what does success look like toward that goal? How close have we come to it?   

As you think about goals, ask yourself, “what is the measurement used to determine success”? Good luck with your 2023 goal setting and KPIs!   

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