Make It Ugly First

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Professional Development, Video

Recently, I saw a “Make It Ugly First” sign in the background of a zoom call, and I loved it. This phrase is the essence of things that I have spoken about before, which I’ve referred to as progress over perfection. When you’re going to create or release something for the first time, always make it ugly first. Don’t wait until it’s perfect; release it and then make changes as you move forward.  
Processes are constantly improving; think about how many software and app updates you receive on your phone. We all make the mistake of thinking that we need everything to be perfect, but that’s not true. Companies want people to be in awe with their products and services immediately, no questions asked, but that never happens. No matter how much time, effort, resources, and money you put into something, it’ll never be perfect before releasing it.  
You never know how something will work until you get it out of the conference room and see how it works live. Once you do, pay attention to what needs adjusting and fixing. If you can’t fix it, then trash it and move on to something else. That’s how you make progress and move fast. Waiting for something to be perfect will hold you back individually and as an organization.  
We always hear, “it doesn’t have to be perfect,” but instead you could now say, “make it ugly first.” This phrase is a powerful way to communicate with your team. When something is ugly and doesn’t work, and some changes need to be made, you can celebrate it. That’s why you made it ugly; that’s how you win, and that’s how you move at the appropriate speed.  
Go out there, have fun with it, and make it ugly first. You won’t be disappointed.

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