Major on the Majors

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Business, Leadership

Major on the majors is a topic that came up recently during one of my executive meetings. We’re experiencing a record-breaking growth year at Service Express, which means all our teams are very busy and focused. As we head into 2022, we are going through the budget season, building our initiatives and implementing new strategies. With everything going on, majoring on the majors is our focus. Here’s how to do so:  

  1. Strategize where you’re going to spend your time, energy and resources.  
  1. Prioritize where you’re going to spend that time, energy and resources.  

You can’t do everything at once! When organizations try to, their teams are constantly busy and unable to make much progress in any area. They won’t feel like they’re winning, momentum will decrease, and they’ll feel heavy. That’s not a great feeling for anybody. We want to strategize, prioritize, get momentum going in one area and then move on to the next area.  

An analogy that came up was financial guru Dave Ramsey, who specializes in is helping people get out of credit card debt. When I lived in Nashville, Tennessee, I’d listen to his radio program where people would call in to talk about their debt on multiple credit cards. Dave’s strategy was not to pay a little bit on each card at a time. Instead, he advised these people to pay the minimum on each card, then focus on paying off the smallest credit card amount. Once paid off, they’d focus on paying off the next smallest card and so on until all their debt is paid off. This strategy creates momentum. 

It feels good to accomplish one area at a time and allows you to double down your resources for the next one. This is true for a growing organization too- don’t sprinkle your time, energy and resources around. Instead, focus on one area to create momentum and accomplish something, then take that energy to the next area. I think that’s a great way to help your teams feel the momentum, create wins and recognize performance.  

Growth comes with growing pains, but this strategy removes the friction. Everything will feel better, lighter and faster, and you can take off running. Lean into your teams and see if majoring on the majors could help them get momentum going.

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