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by | May 23, 2024 | Leadership

Leaders, act your title!  

Did you ever hear from your parents when you were growing up to act your age? I know I did more than once. This applies to leaders, too; if you’re a leader, you must act your title.   

I think of the leaders, managers and directors at Service Express. Whether leading frontline employees or other leaders, you need to act your title. What does that mean?  

Managers, you need to teach and coach your people. Encourage them, give feedback and develop your people all the time.   

Directors and other leaders, you need to solve problems. If you’re a leader and you want that position, you can’t look to everybody else to solve problems; you need to be engaged in problem-solving and help figure it out. You can’t wait for someone to tell you the answer; that’s not what great leaders do.   

In my recent blog, Why Do You Want to Be A Leader?, I shared that leadership is a calling. In my opinion, part of that calling is that you don’t sit around and wait for somebody else to solve the problems or tell you what to do. You figure it out and take action. You’re not there alone, but you must be actively engaged in the process. That’s what a true leader does.   

Leaders run to the problems, solve problems, teach and help people. Whether you’re a manager who leads frontline employees, a director who leads other leaders, or even an executive leader, you must act your title. That’s how you get to where you want to be.   

And by the way, if you want to continue to progress, act the title above you. That’s how you’ll get the opportunity. 

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