How to Have Difficult Conversations

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Leadership, Video

This week, I’m looking back at one of my favorite blogs from this year. The topic of having difficult conversations generated a lot of positive discussions around Service Express. I understand these conversations can be uncomfortable, but they can help your people grow and open lines of communication.  

Are difficult conversations the easiest? No. Are they fun? No. Do you lose sleep at night before having them? Sometimes, yes. Why are they the best? They propel discussions forward. I believe that great leaders and teams don’t avoid difficult conversations. That’s why I encourage all leaders at Service Express to lean into them.  

These honest conversations let your team know where you stand and what’s on your mind while also giving them a chance to discuss their opinions. Your team may not always agree with you, and that’s okay; the key is to not sweep it under the rug but to address it head-on. We often talk about characteristics of great teams, one of which is knowing how to address problems without getting too personal. These types of conversations are the best because they create trust and help you move forward together.  

My team will tell you they always know what’s on my mind – there are never guessing games or a hidden agenda. If someone doesn’t agree, we address it to establish trust and agree on a solution together. Sometimes these discussions aren’t easy, but they will save you from even more challenging conversations in the future. This is the reason why I encourage everyone to share what’s on their mind to start discussing solutions. Let me know how it goes!

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