Into the Storm

by | May 2, 2024 | Leadership

I’ve recently heard the saying “into the storm” by Rich Froning, a legendary, multi-time CrossFit Games champion. The phrase really resonated with me; I’ve sort of adopted it and even bought a hat with the saying on it.   

Rich now owns a bison farm; he raises buffalo and sells buffalo snacks, food and other items. As you read about bison, it’s interesting to learn that when a big storm is coming, they point themselves toward it and lean right into it, facing it head-on. This strategy lets the storm pass over them sooner and quicker. I loved learning this; it’s nature at its finest.   

Unlike bison, some people try to avoid storms and run from them, which only keeps them in the storm longer. The analogy for us as leaders and individuals is clear: when life gives you challenges, whether in business or your personal life, do we lean into them or try to avoid them?   

As a leader, what I like to do and model is to face these storms head-on. I’ve found that often, challenges that seem big are not so daunting if we hit them head-on. If you have bad news, deliver it fast; bad news doesn’t get better with age. Avoiding problems only makes them linger and affect us longer.  

Facing a storm head-on is something I try to do, and it’s what I want my leaders to do. I love this phrase, this approach to life, leadership, and everything it represents, so I wanted to share it with you.   

Remember, when storms come—and they will—let’s face them head-on. It’s even better if you have great people surrounding you; you can get through it better together.  

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