How to Build Confidence in Your Team

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Leadership, Video

You build confidence by doing really hard things over and over. 

        – Brad Stevens, Head Coach of the Boston Celtics 

Recently, I was listening to Jon Gordon’s podcast with Clemson University Football Coach Dabo Swinney right after he won his first national championship. Swinney talked about how his team would walk into games hoping they would win. Now, they walk into games believing they will win.  

What’s the difference between hope and belief? Hard work, commitment, dedication and grit. To achieve success at Clemson, Swinney had to trust and build confidence in his team. This process takes time and consistency – it doesn’t happen overnight!  

I found a similar mindset here at Service Express. If you look at our growth from a distance, it may appear steady and always climbing up and to the right. After being here for 22 years, I know that steady progress comes with a lot of challenges. Challenges that have encouraged us to work together and overcome obstacles.  

Here are a few ways that I like to encourage and build confidence with my team:  

  • Focus on their strengths  
  • Give constructive feedback  
  • Evenly delegate responsibilities  
  • Communicate frequently  
  • Applaud the accomplishments  
  • Always push them to achieve their goals  

At Service Express, we look for people who run toward the problem and solve it. When you’re surrounded by people you trust, you will begin to count on them when problems arise – building confidence in your team.  

With any growth, there are challenges that appear along the way. No matter what the issue is, I have full confidence that my team will do the right thing.   

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