Focus On What You Can Control

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Leadership, Professional Development

It’s the second week of 2022! How are we doing? Have you been impatient for your short-term results? Have you figured out a plan to be patient for your long-term results?  

Today I want to talk about focusing on what you can control. With all that’s going on in the world, many things are out of our control. Not feeling in power can bring stress, concern and worry, but we can’t waste our energy on things we can’t control. We must accept the things out of our control and focus on what we can control, one of which is our attitude. If we get worked up, stressed and worried, that’s going to affect everything else in our lives. Let’s instead be intentional and try to avoid doing so.  

Think about your personal life or organization, distinguish the variables you can control, and focus on those. There are always different avenues to take, never dead ends, right? Although it may feel like it, you’ll find another path. I sometimes find myself dwelling on something until I finally realize it’s not working, and I need to direct my focus elsewhere. Once you step back and look around, you’ll find the path, sometimes it happens right away, and sometimes it takes a while. 

Focus on the things you can control and find the path around the things you can’t control. Let’s get after it in 2022 and make it the best year ever! We can do it!  

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