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by | May 12, 2020 | Professional Development, Video

I’m a strong believer that fundamentals are the foundation for every great performance. In May of 2019, John Beilein finished his career as the head coach of the University of Michigan basketball team. Soon after, Beilein was named head coach of the Cleveland Cavilers – which was a shock to many. In February 2020, Beilein decided to resign as head coach for the Cavilers. After Beilein left the team, players reported he focused too much on the fundamentals. 

When asked how the Chicago Bulls won so many championships, several past players of the shared Tex Winters’ strategy to win; which included practicing and perfecting the fundamentals.  

In contrast, the Cavaliers are one of the worst teams in the NBA right now and they reportedly worked “too much” on the fundamentals with Beilein. Whereas the Chicago Bulls won 6 championships because they focused on the fundamentals more than anyone in the league.  

Sometimes we all think we’re above working on the basics. This happens every single day and in every department. The truth is, none of us are beyond the fundamentals. At Service Express, we see when we take the time to perfect and focus on the fundamentals our performance increases. And as we get further away from the fundamentals, our performance dips.  

So now I challenge you to think about your organization, career, education or whatever path you’re on. What fundamentals do you need to focus on to get back to level ground and move forward? Maybe you’ll find that it will help your consistency, performance and more.  

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