Care, but Don’t Worry

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Leadership

“I care, but I don’t worry.”  

I saw this message from someone I recently discovered on Instagram, Peter Crone. He describes himself as “The Mind Architect.” 

I really liked the message, “I care, but I don’t worry.” I have a challenge with this; I care intensely. This sometimes leads to me overcontrolling, getting too intense or worrying. I can get anxious over the results or outcomes that I care about. Balancing caring and worrying is a challenge for me. Sometimes, I need to detach from it to avoid controlling it and driving it to completion. It can cause great results or issues; you need to find the balance.  

This message relates to what I talked about in my blog Fall in Love With the Problem, you need to focus on the process rather than the results.   

As I’ve shared before, you need to fall in love with the problem and stay focused on the process rather than the results. I care, but I don’t worry, meaning I am totally committed to whatever it is I care about, whether it’s my wife, family, friendships, health, business, etc.  

I want to be intensely involved and give the things I care about everything I have, but we also have to learn not to worry about it. Control what you can control, fall in love with the problem, focus on the process and let the outcome happen! 

As you reflect back on all the times you haven’t gotten the desired outcome, think about all the work you did that led to a different or maybe better result. That’s when you realize you need to let go of the worry because it often leads you to a better result.  

This message really resonated with me. I’d love to hear how you all balance the care but not worry aspects of your life.  

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