Fall in Love With the Problem

by | Aug 17, 2023 | Leadership

Fall in love with problems first, then focus on solutions!   

Too often, when I have a problem in life, I find myself looking for a solution as fast as possible. I’m a leader and a problem solver; it’s what I do at work and in my personal life. I’m always trying to find the solution as fast as I can.   

I came across a quote about falling in love with problems first, then focusing on solutions, and it was a great reminder. Sometimes we try to avoid problems. Nobody wants to have problems. We want to have all the answers, make the right decisions and succeed. As I’ve shared in my recent blog, life is a series of challenges. Calibrations are always needed whether we’re talking about your personal or professional life.   

We all face good, bad and in-between days. You’ll have bad days and will need to face problems, but don’t try and run from them. We try to avoid them because we don’t want to make mistakes or unforced errors. Just know that life is a series of problems, problem-solving events, and problem-solving opportunities.   

At Service Express, we talk a lot about running to the problem. As a growing company, we have all kinds of challenges, and we’re always going to. That’s part of growing to where we ultimately want to go.   

People get in trouble when they try to run away from problems, avoid them or let someone else deal with them. That’s not the solution. Instead, fall in love with the problem, seek the challenges and be part of the solution. I’m always looking for people who want to lean in and be a part of the solution. When you do that, you’ll find the answers and successes.   

You have to fall in love with problems and embrace them; doing so will lead you to success. I haven’t found an organization or individual that’s been successful without facing challenges along the way. Fall in love with problems first, then focus on solutions! 

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