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by | Oct 1, 2020 | Customer Service, Video

Not too long ago, I found my daughter outside shooting baskets while working on her basketball team’s daily shot score. I decided to grab a ball so we could spend time together. We talked about her day, which included driver’s training, sports and the latest news with her friends. I always love spending time with my kids and hearing about their daily routines and what they enjoy. When I was younger, I never liked it when my parents sat me down and made me tell them about my day. It always feels more comfortable when we are doing something while talking with them.  

This led me to think about how we’re spending time with our teams at Service Express. When I was a sales manager, one of the best parts of traveling around with sales reps was stopping for lunch. We would have calls and meetings in the morning and afternoon, but I always made sure we had at least an hour to sit down and have lunch together. Sales calls are essential, but I love learning more about a person’s values, obstacles, family and goals.  

Although teams are still connecting and working together on projects through Zoom, we’re missing being in person. When people are together, they laugh, joke and have impromptu conversations. It’s harder to have these moments through a computer screen. The next time we spend time in-person, we need to be intentional about strengthening those connections (outside of Zoom).  
What are you doing to maintain and create relationships during this time? Although this is a difficult time for many, I believe there is an opportunity to grow. Stay safe and healthy!  

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