All the Right Pieces: The Anatomy of a Service Express Employee

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Culture, SEI

Here at Service Express, we focus on hiring the right people.  Our 6-step interview process ensures we are making the best choices and surrounding ourselves with employees that are a great fit for Service Express’s values and culture. We don’t just look to hire a set of skills; skills can be learned. We hire the will.

So what makes an employee a great fit for Service Express? We have identified 8 key attributes that we look for in the ideal Service Express employee. We have found these characteristics match our values the best, so while we do value individuality and certainly don’t want “cookie-cutter” employees, the following traits are Service Express’s most sought-after:

  1. Integrity. We look for honest and ethical people. People with strong morals and values that reflect our own. A Service Express person does the right thing even when no one is looking. They put honesty, a sense of duty and sound moral principles before anything else.
  1. Responsible. Service Express people take ownership of outcomes, positive or negative. They hold themselves and others accountable because it is the right thing to do and it makes everyone better.
  1. Passionate. A “can-do” attitude is a must! Service Express people are driven to be the best, perform at a high level and demand the same effort from their teams.
  1. Service-Minded. Service Express people know that you can have everything you want if you help enough people get what they want. This mindset promotes success all around and demonstrates a genuine care for people.
  1. Committed. Devotion to Service Express, their team, customers and mission is key for a Service Express employee.
  1. Professional Development. A Service Express person never stops improving! They are self-reflective and committed to continuous refinement. They are open to giving and receiving feedback as a form of development.
  1. Solution-Oriented. Service Express people look for opportunities in every problem. They are concerned with what is right rather than who is right.
  1. Team-Oriented. The ideal team member is interested in being part of something greater than themselves. They accept the failures of their team as their own and celebrate teammate’s successes openly. Service Express people know that great teams are built on trust and open, honest communication.

Our employee-based culture has contributed significantly to our success, and we believe our people and our culture are our competitive differentiator. Everything we do begins with the people in our organization and by looking for the right people with the characteristics we’ve described above, we set ourselves up for success.

So do the characteristics above describe anyone you know?  Maybe it describes you to a T. If so, you could be the perfect addition to the Service Express team. To view open positions, please visit

What characteristics do you look for in an ideal employee?



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