What Grows Together Goes Together

by | May 16, 2024 | Leadership

What grows together goes together; this was a bit of wisdom dropped on me recently.  

For my wife Jodi’s birthday, we hosted a catered dinner party. Chef Matt showed me some of the pairings he put together, and mentioned the phrase, “What grows together goes together.” I loved it and wrote it down immediately.  

I started thinking about Service Express, what we’ve built and the people I’ve worked with for so long. We’ve gone through so much together as a growing company. Whether in sales, service delivery, operations, or across the board, we’ve solved problems, taken on challenges and figured out new and better ways to scale.  

Through it all, we’ve had such great camaraderie. It’s always so fun looking back on our shared stories and laughter. Some of our biggest laughs come from the most challenging times or mistakes we made. We learned from it all and grew together, which makes us go together. It’s part of the culture here at Service Express; it’s part of the fun and building a team.  

It even makes me think of our new hires. I host an onboarding Zoom call with all our new hires from around the globe, and I always look forward to working with them and seeing them grow. I think about the stories they’ll tell as we grow together.   

As you’re leading your organization and surrounding yourself with the people who are helping you grow your organization, remember: what grows together goes together.   

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