This Too Shall Pass

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Leadership

“This too shall pass.”  

These are wise words I heard Tom Hanks talk about on Instagram. He was sitting around a table with fellow actors, talking about the phrase. Actors aren’t typically who I get life advice from, but I’ve been a Tom Hanks fan for a long time and he comes across as pretty grounded.  

He talked about how when you’re feeling down, defeated or bad about yourself, remember that “this too shall pass.” When life doesn’t seem great, work is challenging, or your personal life is challenging, remember that it will change and get better. All of this is momentary.  

Then he flipped it around, which really got my attention. If you’re feeling good about yourself, your personal life is great, business is amazing, feeling on top of the world, guess what? This too shall pass.  

Life is a series of events like that. Sometimes we feel like we have it all together, then the next, we feel out of control and like things are falling apart. Both those feelings will pass. That’s why it’s good to stay confident during challenging times, knowing that you’ll work your way through it. When you show grit, determination and perseverance, great things will come on the other side.  

On the flip side, when things are going well and you feel on top of the world, remember to stay humble, hungry and focused. That too will pass, and you’ll be wondering where all the answers are.  

I thought this advice was powerful. It spoke to me, which is why I wanted to share it with you. Wherever you’re at, whether you feel great about everything or you’re currently facing challenges, remember “this too shall pass.”

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