Thinking Strategically vs. Tactically

by | Feb 2, 2023 | Leadership

Leaders, it’s early February; hopefully, you’ve done your goal setting. You should be doing vision talks with your team members and thinking about where you’re going in 2023 and beyond.   

Now it’s time to set back, gut-check your goals, and ask yourself if you’re thinking strategically or tactically. I think the correct answer is both; you need to have a mix. As leaders, we can’t always be tactical in the day-to-day execution without stopping to think strategically. Think long-term; where are we going, and how are we getting there?   

On the flip side, if all we do is think strategically and we always think long-term rather than short-term, that’s also a mistake. You have to have balance. Think long-term strategically, and then execute tactically to get there.   

You also need to think about who is on your team. Who are your strategic thinkers, and who are your executors who come along and carry out that vision? There’s no right or wrong; they’re just different. You need the mix!   

I like to bring my strategic thinkers together as we plot out the future. Then I bring the idea to my high achievers: the people who are focused on execution and driving results. I get their thoughts on the plan, and then they go out and execute it.   

Mixing strategy and tactics creates a great balance. This is nothing new, but it’s always a good reminder to be aware of this. Think about 2023 and differentiate your long-term strategic plan and your short-term tactical plan. Let me know how you’re doing! 

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