State of Flow

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Professional Development, Video

I saw this tweet a while ago that defines the mental state you reach when partaking in an activity that brings you joy. I was reflecting on this earlier in the Summer when I saw a video on YouTube from a Joe Rogan podcast where he was interviewing MMA trainer, Firas Zahabi. He mentions you should never be sore after a workout because you should never work far beyond the point to make yourself sore. Firas says you should exercise to a point that makes you feel good but stop once the workout becomes difficult and come back the next day. Using this method, you will build your endurance and be able to achieve more gains over time.

Although this theory can be argued, I can relate to the experience when you go past the state of “flow.” Sometimes this means you’re on the floor gasping for breath! There are times when I like pushing myself to that level, but it’s important not to burn yourself out.

I also believe this theory can be applied to business. At times, we tend to stretch ourselves an example being the end of the month for sales when they push hard to increase revenue and close deals. It’s important not to stretch yourself too much or you can become burned out. I liked to be stretched because it reminds me that we’re a part of a larger company that is growing and adapting as we change – that’s the exciting part of it all. I want you to think of your own personal, professional and financial goals with the state of flow in mind. Remember to be mindful of how you’re using your energy and if you’re stretching yourself too much, or not enough.

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