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by | Aug 31, 2023 | Leadership

Let’s talk about putting yourself out there and the benefits of meeting new people. 

This fall, all my kids will be going away to college. One of my sons will be a junior, the other will be a senior, and my daughter will be a freshman. One thing we talk about is how college is such a good place to meet so many people. Especially in your first year living in a dorm, you can broaden your world by meeting new people and making new friends.   

Even as juniors and seniors, I always encourage my kids to continue meeting people and connecting with others. Having close friends is great, but don’t settle into your friend group. Soon, college will be over, you’ll go out into the world, and who knows where you’ll live. You’ll always need to be meeting and connecting with new people; you never know where those connections will lead you.   

I recently read a newsletter about how Paul McCartney and John Lennon met in 1957 at a garden party in Liverpool. Think about that relationship being formed and its impact on the music industry and culture. It got me thinking about networking opportunities.  

Recently I played golf with one of my best friends, Larry. I met Larry 27 years ago through mutual friends. We hit it off instantly when we met, and we’ve been friends ever since. You never know when that time will come in your personal life when you meet friends or even your spouse. The same is true in your professional life; you never know when you’ll make a connection that will lead to a great business relationship.   

Put yourself out there, meet new people, and form connections regularly. Not every connection will lead to something more, and that’s okay. It’s like the baseball analogy; the more at-bats, the more wins. It’s a good reminder for everybody, especially post-covid, to get back into the world, meet new people, connect face-to-face, and see what opportunities can arise. Get yourself out there, get connected and see where it takes you!  

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