Managing Energy

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Leadership

Great leaders manage the energy of their teams! Let’s talk about three examples of how to get started.  

  1. Be empathetic during times of change 

Some people are energized by change. I love change; I like to always have something new, and I look forward to new challenges and initiatives. I’ve come to realize this isn’t true for everyone. Not everyone loves change or is energized by change; some people are very uncomfortable with change and don’t like the unknown.  

I remember talking about change during a conference years ago. We discussed everything happening at Service Express at the time, and I shared that I was energized by change. The person next to me said, “that would all freak me out. I want to know what tomorrow, next week and next month will bring me.” We have different perspectives, but there’s no right or wrong. It’s important to recognize that even though Service Express is a growth company, that doesn’t mean everyone reacts to change the same way. You need to pay attention to your team’s energy regarding change.  

  1. It doesn’t have to be fun 24/7 

Is it fun or energizing? People want to have fun: at home, at work, all the time. I also love having fun; I want to have fun and laugh as often as possible. However, there’s a difference between fun and energizing. Some of my most energizing moments are when I’m fired up at Service Express about a challenge or something big that we’re trying to do. In the moment, it’s not always fun or laugh-out-loud type moments, but I’m still pumped up, wanting to do it, and ready to come back for more the next day because the challenge inspires me.  

Sometimes leaders make the mistake of thinking everyone needs to have fun all the time. I think people want to win and need to be challenged to learn and grow. When you do that, you’re energized, and the fun comes along with it. I say it all the time at Service Express that we need to have fun, but sometimes fun looks like digging deep into a challenge.    

  1. Know when to challenge or encourage your team 

I read an article about Joe Torre, who used to manage the New York Yankees. The team won multiple world series back in the 90s, and I remember reading the article on how he led the team based on the opposite of their performance. When the team was doing well, he was hard on them and challenged them. Sometimes winning can cause you to be lackadaisical and skimp on the fundamentals. He wanted to keep them sharp. 

On the flip side, he was encouraging when the team wasn’t doing well. He knew he had the right team and spoke confidently to them because he knew they could do it. During the long baseball season, teams will go through ups and downs. The same is true for long lives and long careers; you’ll inevitably go through ups and downs.  

Learn how to lead your teams. Know when to challenge them and know when to ease off the challenges and encourage them. When it comes to leadership and managing the energy on your team, it’s important to pay attention to it and be intentional. I think everything in leadership requires attention and intention. Do those two things and watch how far it will take you.  

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