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by | Nov 18, 2021 | Culture, Leadership, Video

I want to tell you a story recently relayed to me by Trevor Rubingh, the President and Founder of  New City Kids. I believe deeply in this Grand Rapids-based organization; its mission is to help change the direction of kids’ lives for the better. A few weeks ago, I met with Trevor and he told me an inspiring story. Music is one way the organization engages kids, and somebody came in wanting to donate a guitar. They are always in need of donations and often receive peoples’ old, broken-down, leftover stuff. The gentleman who brought in the guitar opened his trunk to reveal a beautiful, brand new, red guitar.  

Trevor was thankful and appreciative but also confused since he’s not used to new or expensive donations. He then said to me, “Why shouldn’t these kids have the nicest things? Why should they get all the leftovers?” I found this to be very powerful, and I agree with him. Why do we only give away our old stuff? Don’t get me wrong, I give a bunch of used stuff to Good Will and that’s not bad. However, Trevor’s story challenged me to think about why we don’t donate new and good things to charitable organizations. Don’t they deserve the best too? The topper of the whole story is that not only did the man donate one but two brand new guitars!  

This story got me thinking about how I need to give more red guitars out to people and organizations. I also thought about it in terms of my time and attention. Am I giving people my red guitar attention or my leftovers? If I put my everything into work, am I able to give my best at home?  

This story resonated with me in many ways, and I’m sharing it hoping that it resonates with you. Think about the red guitar, or what it means to you, and see what you can do with that. As always, I love to hear stories and examples of how this worked out for you. Thanks for listening!  

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