All Gas, No Brakes

by | Jun 15, 2023 | Leadership

“All gas, no breaks!” I love that phrase and what it represents: hammering all the time and always going forward. However, the truth is that we all need brakes. I need breaks, and I need to put them on for myself, and my team needs breaks from me sometimes.   

Kim Randers, our new Chief People Officer, compares my leadership style to a CrossFit workout. Highly intense with intervals. There’s a high burst of intensity before a break, which continuously repeats.   

This summer, as we head into July, I am going to take a break from my blogs. Instead, I’m going to reshare some of my blogs that have received the best feedback. I’ll be traveling and working, and sometimes you need to take things off your plate. One of the things I’m going to take off my plate is producing blogs, so this will be the last new one until I get back at it later this summer. I’ll have more material accumulated that I can share here.   

I hope that you take some breaks this summer as well! If you live in Michigan or the mid-west, you wait all year for these few months of good weather and sunshine. Make sure to go outside and enjoy summer activities. It’s important to create a work-life balance; get your work done but also get out there and enjoy yourself too.   

It can’t always be all gas and no brakes; you need to take breaks sometimes. Recharge and come back strong! I hate to say it, but it’ll be the end of summer before we know it. Fall, end of year and budget season are right around the corner. Get out, relax, enjoy, refresh and come back ready to go. That’s what I’m going to do!   

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