Advice You’d Give Yourself

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Leadership

I recently saw a great LinkedIn post by a Service Express team member, Aileen Mattix. She posted a James Clear quote saying, “If you met someone exactly like yourself: same experience, same resources, same problems, what advice would you give them?”  

This quote stopped me in my tracks. As I’ve shared in previous blogs, I am big on self-reflection. Thank you, Aileen, for sharing this quote; it’s one of the best self-reflection questions I’ve ever come across.  

It made me think about how we’re all good about helping others solve their problems. As leaders we help our teams solve problems. As parents we help our kids solve problems. The real question is, how do we do the same for ourselves?  

We first need to stop to self-reflect and think about what we’re working on. Then we need to step outside of ourselves. Ask yourself what advice you’d give to someone just like you: same experience, same resources, same problems. That made me wonder, would we really take that advice?  

We can think about the advice we’d give to someone else and use it as a roadmap to help ourselves. We can be self-reflective and determine what we need to do to solve our own problems.  

Thanks again for sharing this quote, Aileen. I saw it, loved it and knew I needed to share it here. I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback regarding that question on what you think about it.

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