Winning Should be Fun

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Culture, Leadership

Let’s talk about winning!  

I recently saw a tweet from Jeff Janssen that describes the traits or characteristics of winning. He said, “Winning isn’t comfortable. Winning isn’t convenient. Winning isn’t easy. Winning isn’t instant. Winning isn’t individual. Winning is grueling. Winning is difficult. Winning is hard. Winning takes time. Winning takes a team. Winning is worth it. #culturewins”  

Here’s another one I’ll add: winning is fun! Right? The whole process should be fun. What Jeff said is accurate, and I’ve experienced it all. Winning is not comfortable, convenient, instant or easy. It can be grueling and difficult, but it can also be fun! You have to enjoy the process and remember that there are peaks, plateaus, and sometimes even valleys. It’s not a straight line.  

Both individuals and organizations experience peaks, plateaus, and valleys as they go through the process. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun along the way; it shouldn’t be a grind. People say, “embrace the grind,” meaning have fun with it. Winning should include laughter. We must embrace the process and have fun doing it, otherwise it’s not worth it.  

Sometimes, there can be arguments, stress, and frustration when we’re working hard. I don’t always come skipping into my meetings, but that’s not what I look back on and remember. Between the intense moments comes laughter and fun. I look back and remember the camaraderie, teamwork, accomplishments, and the sense of overcoming. When reflecting on business and my personal life, the highest highs most often come after the lowest lows. You need to work through the lows because growth and development happen, which sets you up for your highs.  

Remember that as you’re wrapping up another challenging year and optimistically thinking about 2022. Know that there will be new sets of challenges but have fun along the way! 

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