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by | Feb 25, 2020 | Leadership, Video

For the past 15 years, my tribe has been the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). I decided to join shortly after being named President and CEO of Service Express so I could spend time with others who were in similar positions. I’ve never been a president of a large company before, so I joined YPO to connect with others who would help me grow into my role.

When I first joined YPO, there were plenty of companies that were bigger than Service Express at the time – which inspired me to reach out to the presidents of these companies. During our networking events, I would meet with these individuals one-on-one to learn more about what they’re doing at their companies all in hopes of bringing back new ideas to Service Express.

Once you turn 50, you become a part of YPO “Gold” (pretty fancy, right?). I’m also now a part of Growth 50 which includes presidents and CEOs of companies that are backed by private equity. I figured this is another great opportunity for me to learn from other successful professionals.  

Through my experience, I’ve made new friends, attended conferences, received suggestions, learned more about different industries and so much more. Being a part of this organization has helped me grow as a young President and CEO. That’s why I’ve challenged the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) at Service Express to find their tribe and I suggest all of you should too!

If you’re considering joining an association, remember the key is that you only get out what you put in – so give it your all! Not only should you go out there and meet new people in these organizations, but I recommend giving back as well. I love meeting with new CEOs or other members of ELTs to share the Service Express story, be a mentor and help them think of new ideas so they too can grow into their roles.

If you’re not a member of an association like YPO, I encourage you to get involved as soon as possible to find your tribe. Once you find your tribe, let me know how it helps you grow as a professional!

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