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by | Mar 25, 2021 | Customer Service, Video

When looking at customer service, it’s no longer you against your competition. It’s you against every customer service experience they’ve ever had. I saw a tweet from Shep Hyken that said, “Customers don’t compare you only to your direct competition anymore. Customers now compare you to the best service they have received from anyone, regardless of the type of business or industry.”  

This is something we’ve talked about at Service Express for years. We don’t want to have the best customer service out of third-party maintenance companies or IT organizations in general. We want our customers to compare the service they receive with us to experience they from retail, restaurants, online shopping and more – that’s the bar we’re aiming for.  

When we hire new people at Service Express, we tell them their customer service experiences moving forward are going to be ruined because we provide outstanding service that is hard to match. We have a current industry leading NPS score of 90, which further provides our hard work and dedication to providing the best experience possible.  

Regardless of the industry you’re in, what are you doing to provide an outstanding customer experience to everyone you talk to?  

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