Alignment and Culture Part I

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Culture, Video

Individual and team alignment is critical for any organization trying to grow in normal circumstances, but especially important during challenging times. At Service Express, I’ve found our people and company perform the best when we’re engaged, focused and working toward goals that foster alignment.  Without common goals, it’s hard to make decisions.  

We stay aligned with the help of our Performance Measurement System, which we call SR5+. Using this system, we have visibility to our company KPIs broken down by department, region and office. SR5+ is accessible to everyone in the company so they can see our performance at any time.  

As a part of SR5+, we have ROIs; these are individual responsibilities, objectives and indicators. Every person at Service Express strives to accomplish their goals on their ROIs every month.  An individual’s ROIs are dependent on their role, and examples might include number of deals closed, number of assets created, first meetings held, etc. ROIs help our teams understand what success looks like in the long run and helps them know how to get there each month.  

5/15s are also a part of SR5+ – these are the top priorities and objectives our people commit to moving the needle on in the upcoming 90 days. They’re the priorities that they and their leader agree to in advance to ensure alignment across teams and the organization. 

These metrics work together to create alignment in the organization. I’m passionate about the value of SR5+ in our company, and I’ve seen how it gets our teams moving forward together. Next week, I’ll talk about how this system helps us create an outstanding culture. Stay safe and healthy!  

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