2020 Feels like a Crossfit Chipper

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Leadership, Video

Many of you know that I love CrossFit and within there is a sequence of exercises called a chipper. When completing a chipper, you’re required to push yourself through a series of movements for a certain amount of reps. One of the most famous chippers is called the “Filthy 50” – which includes over 500 reps of 10 different exercises. When completing an exercise, you must finish all 50 reps before moving on to the next movement. It can be difficult to keep your head focused on your current exercise without dreading the next one (in my case, burpees).  
I was thinking about 2020 and everything that we’ve gone and are going through, and it feels like one long chipper to me. I want to stay in the moment, but I can’t help from thinking about what the fall and winter will look like. It’s easy to become anxious in both your personal and professional life. I have a son who just graduated from high school. We just finished celebrating his graduation and took a vacation (in Michigan) since we missed out on his senior spring break.   
Now that summer is ending soon, we’re focusing on college and what it’s going to look like for him at the University of Michigan. Will there be on-campus learning? Online learning? Hybrid learning? What will school look like in the wintertime during break? We are trying to stay in the present and take it one month at a time, but it can be difficult. 
When it comes to Service Express, we are taking it one month at a time to see how this will impact schools and our employees. Our goal is to be prepared, while also taking it one step at a time. This can be a difficult time of uncertainty for many, but just know that you aren’t alone.  
Like completing a chipper, remember to stay in the moment and complete your tasks before moving on to the next one. We are in this together. Stay healthy and stay safe! 

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