Small Wins Create Big Results

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Leadership

Momentum creates momentum, and small wins lead to big wins!  

As we think about our personal and professional goals, sometimes the biggest challenge is knowing where to start and how to start. One step that I’ve found to be successful is to build momentum. Start with the small accomplishments.   

I realized from my sales background that the best time to sell is right after you’ve sold something. Why? You’re confident and know that you can make it happen. You get excited to make that next call because you’ve built momentum. At Service Express, our Sales Development Representatives set meetings and schedule appointments. When they set just one meeting, it’s like a dopamine hit. They become re-engaged and ready to do it again because they know it’s possible.  

I’m a big believer in momentum. If you’re stuck somewhere, find the small wins and celebrate them. Sometimes we get caught up thinking about big wins, but big wins are accomplished by a bunch of small ones.  

Building momentum is important in our personal lives too. I came into the new year wanting to drop a few pounds after the holidays. My wife has been helping me by cooking healthier meals and changing our eating habits. Rather than dieting, I like to adjust my lifestyle so that it’s achievable long-term. After a few weeks of eating well, cutting out fast food, minimizing desserts etc., I was down 7 pounds. My clothes fit better, and I feel good about it. So how did I start? One pound at a time and one healthy meal at a time. I gradually lost weight as I built up momentum. 

Think about your personal, professional or financial goals, and focus on building momentum. Create small wins and watch as they add up to big ones over time!

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