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by | Apr 28, 2022 | Leadership

I just finished reading “Life By Design: Your Path To An Exceptional Life” by Jack Daly. I’ve known Jack for years, dating back to when I invited him to West Michigan to talk to our YPO Group about sales leadership, and I follow him on social media. He’s phenomenal, so when I saw that he had a new book coming out, I knew I had to read it. The following quote hit me right between the eyes:  

  “If you saved one hour a day through your systems or efficiencies, that’s 365 hours a year and over nine 40-hour workweeks.”  

  It’s unbelievable how that adds up! So how do you do it?  

  1. Have systems that save you time 

I’m a big proponent of always having a to-do list. I’ve gone from writing it down by hand to Microsoft to Nozbe. With Nozbe, I can organize my life, my tasks and even categorize my teams. I use it for my personal life too, which my wife loves. I always tell people that I don’t remember anything, but thanks to my list, I don’t forget anything! What’s on my list for the day gets done or intentionally moved to another day. It saves me time from thinking and prevents me from missing things. Lists also help me focus on my most important priorities.  

  1. Decrease your time on social media 

Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok, we all spend too much time on social media. Some of it’s useful; I get great quotes from Twitter; I follow thought leaders and I find good articles. However, I can get sucked into the news and current events on Twitter, and YouTube can be the same way.  

Again, if you could gain an hour a day, that hour will add up to 365 hours a year and over nine 40-hour workweeks. I wanted to share that with you so you can reflect on it like I am. How can you get an hour back each day, and what will you do with it? Let me know your thoughts!  

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