Move At Thoughtful Speed

by | Jan 11, 2024 | Leadership

Here we are in January 2024; it’s time to hit the ground running! We’ve set goals; now let’s go hammer after them at thoughtful speed.   

I just heard the term “thoughtful speed” from Service Express’ CFO, Julie Ausherman. It refers to being aware and intentional about the speed you’re moving within your organization. Especially if you’re leading people, it’s important to understand the speed at which people can adapt to change.   

Sometimes, people are too slow to adapt to change and need to be pushed out of their comfort zone to move faster. In that case, thoughtful speed would be pushing people forward.   

On the other hand, there are times when we’re moving too fast and need to slow down. If the team isn’t ready, slow down, explain the why, gather feedback and provide time to process. Sometimes, you need to slow down to move faster.  

I’ve learned over the years that not everyone processes change the same way. I like change; I run to it and am always ready to go. Not everyone is like that, and that’s good. It’s not always right to run that fast.   

Move at thoughtful speed. Introduce an idea, allow time for it to be processed, readdress it if needed, and then move forward. If your people aren’t ready, you’ll need to double back, and it may create tension or issues along the way.   

As we get going in 2024, rested from the holidays and ready to grind, make sure to move at thoughtful speed. Do you need to push your team out of their comfort zone to move faster? Or do you need to slow it down, allow time to process, clarify the why and move forward? Let me know your thoughts!   

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