Implementing Change: Think Big, Start Small, and Scale Quickly!

There is a right and wrong way to try new things and implement change depending on the size of your organization. Early on in my career, when Service Express was much smaller, we operated on a “Ready, Fire, Aim” mentality. That’s great for organizations starting out—trying to figure out your business model and what works and what doesn’t. This philosophy allows you to figure things out as you go and learn a lot. It allows businesses starting out the speed that is needed in an atmosphere that is more agile and stakes that are likely not as high.

Now that Service Express has grown to 400 employees and over 40 offices, that approach has the potential to cause chaos, but the idea to take action must still be central to the way we do business. That is why we have altered our philosophy to “Think Big, Start Small, and Scale Quickly.” That still allows us the opportunity to change and evolve our business, but to vet the process as we go.