Hungry, Humble & Smart

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Leadership

Hungry, humble and smart, that’s how our Chief Revenue Officer, Bill Golder, describes Service Express’ Sales Team.  

As you may have seen on LinkedIn, I was at our Annual Sales Conference last week in Tampa, Florida. I was surrounded by our US Sales Team and some of our Sales Leaders from Europe. As we looked around the crowd, one of the best ways to describe it was hungry, humble and smart. They had such positive energy. They’re great people who are driven and want to do great things at Service Express.  

We use these traits to describe everyone at Service Express and the kinds of people we’re looking to surround ourselves with. Being hungry, humble and smart comes from a book called The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni.   

In the book, Patrick Lencioni describes the three traits:   

  1. Hungry  

Being hungry means always being in search of more. They’re always looking to achieve, grow personally and professionally and take on more challenges. We love those characteristics in people.   

  1. Humble   

They’re humble; their ego is for the team, mission and customers. It’s not about themselves. I have a big “No Prima Donna” rule at Service Express. I don’t want people with big egos who are all about themselves here. I don’t care how much you can sell or how great you are operationally, or whatever you bring to the table. It has to be about our team, our customers and the mission we’re all trying to achieve. Be humble!   

  1. Smart  

Being smart is not about intelligence or book smarts; it’s about emotional intelligence. Can you get along with others? Can you work well with others? Do you work together as a team? To be smart, you have to be humble.   

Hungry, humble and smart are three characteristics we look for in every position at Service Express. These traits were on full display at our Sales Conference last week, and part of the reason I love being a part of this organization is being surrounded by these people.   

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