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Five minutes to read and 15 to prepare. We’d all love to create professional development plans with that kind of ease, right?

5/15s (named for the ease of preparation noted above) are the third – and final – element of Service Express’ performance measurement system (also know as the SR5).

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What are 5/15s?

The 5/15 is a professional development plan created by each employee. Every quarter, the employee records their priorities for the next 90 days then they take a proactive approach to completing them in that time.  It’s not just a checklist of to-dos, though.  The 5/15s have a direct impact on their ROIs and on the scorecards for their department and for the company.

Employees are encouraged to take a longer-range view by creating 10 to 15 priorities that will impact individual, department and corporate growth. A key element of the process is that employees aren’t out there doing this on their own. Managers meet and engage with them in advance and help them define their priorities so that both Manager and employee are in agreement with what the employee is working on before the quarter begins.  The Manager then meets with them regularly to discuss progress and to identify areas where they can help the employee succeed.

The 5/15 completes the SR5 circle because the goals that employees create tie back to their ROIs and to Scorecards.

Performance Measurement Series: This is the final in a four-part series on Performance Measurement. For more see the following posts: Part I: What Gets Measured, Gets Done, Part II: Scorecards, Part III: ROIs, Part IV: 5/15s

Why are 5/15s (personal development plans) important?

  • Prioritization. Employees can work with their Managers to define their priorities on a quarterly basis.
  • Tracking. Employees can track their achievement of these priorities.
  • Clarity. The 5/15s ensure that employees and managers are on the same page regarding priorities.

What are examples of priorities that employees list on their personal development plans?

  • Professional development (a book you’d like to read, a class you want to take)
  • Vision goals
  • Certifications
  • Sales goals
  • New business goals
  • Projects

Each element of our performance measurement system – scorecards, ROIs and 5/15s – helps us track our performance so we can better understand our story, pinpoint what makes us successful and chart our course to future success. Employee growth and accomplishments creates momentum and opportunities, and as a result, Service Express continues to grow and create opportunities for others. We think that’s what makes us a dynamic and sought-after work environment.

For More: Are you interested in executive coaching or learning more about creating a performance measurement system at your company? Contact Ron to schedule an appointment.

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