Benefits of Balance 

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Culture

As I discussed in a previous blog, “Be Intentional When Taking Time Off” it’s essential to prioritize time off – whether you feel like you can or should, but especially if you feel like you can’t. Work-life balance is not only beneficial for you, it’s also beneficial for the organization you work for. 

The work we do shouldn’t burn us out. When the workload is heavy, and we become overly-stressed, we don’t have time to engage with our work or our team and productivity suffers. Time off helps people step away to rest, recharge and regain perspective. According to Canopy Health, an employer who encourages taking paid time off is an employer that truly cares about their employees’ well-being but also the future of their business. 

At Service Express, we offer PTO and routinely monitor to ensure our people are using it. We also offer flexible schedules because we recognize that our employees have unique commitments and interests outside of work. This flexibility empowers people to attend their kids sporting events, accomplish personal goals and so much more. Allowing them to come in an hour early or leave an hour early helps make their lives easier and doesn’t take away from the workday in any way.  

Work-life balance is essential to the individual and to the organization.  Because if we treat our people right, they’ll treat our company and our customers so much better!  Employees benefit, you benefit and your company will benefit.

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