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State of Flow

I saw this tweet a while ago that defines the mental state you reach when partaking in an activity that brings you joy. I was reflecting on this earlier in the Summer when I saw a video on YouTube from a Joe Rogan podcast where he was interviewing MMA trainer, Firas...

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Storytelling for Business

You’ve probably heard that storytelling is a fantastic tool for illustrating your point. Stories can be used in sales pitches, board meetings, internal communications and more. I believe a great story can bring data to life.   I always like...

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Leaders are Coaches

Helping your team work with the level of urgency and intensity they didn’t know they had is part of your job as a leader and a coach. The goal is to show your team their potential and help them get there.   In September, we were fortunate...

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The Steelers Mindset

I’m a huge Steelers fan, and when I have the opportunity, I love to bring it into the conversation. The Steelers are off to a strong start, and I’m excited about the season and how it’s moving forward.   Recently, I found a post from Troy...

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Emerging Leaders

I was recently asked to share a few of my thoughts on leadership and what we expect from leaders here at Service Express. There are three main points I want to share, but keep in mind, there’s always more to consider when looking at leadership.   Be a...

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I am the President & CEO of Service Express, a National Best & Brightest Company to Work For. Service Express has averaged double digit growth every year since 2001.

We attribute our success to a unique corporate culture that we call The Service Express Way. I am a member of the Young President Organization and sit on the Board of the Spectrum Health Foundation.

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